Jacqueline Simmons: Family Nutrition Program Snap-Ed Youth Program Assistant

I, Jacqueline Simmons, have been with Extension for 10 years teaching in the Newport News Community. I educate youth grade K-12 working in schools, afterschool and summer programs. Short list of your programs: Program locations: Service the Newport News Community and The Military Installations. Special audiences Elementary, Middle and High School students, Juvenile Detention Children, Alternative Schools, Community Centers and Churches.
Personal Story: I think it is important to connect with our youth in every way possible. In the FNP Program we begin with nutrition. The joy of witnessing the children experience new healthy food that they had never eating before, in addition to seeing them cook the food is priceless. My reward is the moment the children come back and tell me, “Mrs. Simmons, I now cook for my family and we have more family time when all of us help by cooking our family meal”.

Program Assistant-FNP Youth, Family and Consumer Sciences

(757) 591-4838 jacque3@vt.edu